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  1. Absolutely NO LITTERING anywhere on the premises or the River. Anyone caught littering will be evicted immediately.

  2. ATV's (quads, motorbikes, rhinos) are acceptable only at an idle. Speed of no faster than 10km/hr. They are not at all acceptable on the golf course. They are to be used for access to the river and kept on roadways only. They are not for use in the Campground. If you are looking for recreation use, they need to be taken off the premises. Same rules apply for Golf Carts, excluding the golf course of course. To drive any of these motorized vehicles you must be 12 years old. You must be able to sit on the seat and reach the pedal. If someone under 12 wants to drive, they must be accompanied by someone responsible with a valid driver's license. Anyone caught driving inappropriately or off road will be permanently removed from River Stone.  

  3. Only small housedogs (small dog breeds) are allowed on the premises and they must be on a leash at all times.  For consideration of others and health reasons, please pick up after them. They are also NOT allowed in the playground area.

  4. Keep all vehicles on graveled surfaces.

  5. All visitors must park in an appropriate area, not blocking any roadways.

  6. Any visitor units must be registered at the Clubhouse before parking (i.e.: other RV's)

  7. Fires are allowed in designated fire pits only.

  8. Respect all wildlife on the premises.

  9. There will be no tolerance for trespassing into restricted areas.

  10. DO NOT cut or damage any trees, shrubs or flowers.

  11. Quiet hours are between 11:00pm and 8:00am. Please be courteous to others.

  12. Before leaving, please turn off all unnecessary electrical (i.e.: Air conditioning, lights, etc.)

  13. Day camping: Check in is anytime after 4:00pm. Check out time
    is 2:00pm the following day. Staying later will result in extra charges.


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